35 sai no koukousei – 35歳の高校生

35 sai no koukousei is an 11 episodes Japanese drama that aired in 2013 on NTV. It was written by Yamaura Masahiro and Takahashi Yuya, and was directed by Sakuma Noriyoshi, Gaumon Seiichi and Maki Nishino. It stars Yonekura Ryoko, Mizobata Junpei, Katase Nana, Suda Masaki, Yamazaki Kento, and a lot of people really. Just go on the dramawiki page, you lazy bum è.é

The situation in Japanese schools is getting more and more out of hand. Bullying is rampant, many teachers and kids resort to suicide because of the pressure, etc. In the midst of all that, a new student enters the school the drama focuses on. Her particularity ? She’s 35 years old. And apparently on a mission. Maybe. You’ll have to watch the drama to know. It’s not even in the review. I’m not gonna kill the suspense for you. Because I like you.


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The Haunted Samurai – 憑神


More Buki ! And by the way, just to warn you : there probably will be even more Buki on this blog in the future. Which I can’t imagine anyone complaining about tbh (after all, there’s no such thing as ‘too much Buki’) but I’m just giving you a heads up: I have 2-3 years to watch everything he’s done, and write on it, I made a promise. It’s not gonna come quickly, I’m taking my time, but it’s still coming, so although I’m sure I don’t have to tell you: enjoy the Buki 🙂

And today, we’re discussing The Haunted Samurai, or Tsukigami 憑神, directed and written by Furuhata Yasuo and based on a novel by Asada Jiro. It came out in 2007, and it stars, well, Tsumabuki Satoshi, but also Nishida Toshiyuki, Akai Hidekazu and Morisako Ei. Our lead, Bessho Hikoshiro, is a samurai that’s really down on his luck. Well, to be fair, times are tough for everyone, but he lost his job, got divorced, and although he’s clever, hardworking and honorable, he doesn’t get much recognition, being the second son of the family. Desperate, he gets quite drunk and goes to pray to the deities that made his friend successful, but he gets the wrong altar, and soon gets the visit of three gods he really (and understandably) didn’t want to meet: Poverty, Disease, and Death.

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Juhan Shuttai – 重版出来!

Juhan Shuttai is a 10 episodes japanese drama that aired on TBS in 2016. It was directed by Doi Nobuhiro, Fukuda Ryosuke and Tsukahara Ayuko, and written by Nogi Akiko, based on a manga by Matsuda Naoko. It stars Kuroki Haru, the ever perfect Odagiri Joe, Sakaguchi Kentaro aka Sakappy, Yasuda Ken, Nagayama Kento, Kohinata Fumiyo, and really, a lot of people. It follows Kurokawa Kokoro who’s just become an editor for a manga magazine, after giving up a promising career in judo, because of a leg injury.

Another Sakappy-including drama, yay !

… but who cares lol.

T.T I’m sorry Sakappy, I love you, but how do you compete with:

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Tokyo Tarareba Musume – 東京タラレバ娘

Tokyo Tarareba Musume is a 10 episodes japanese drama, that aired on NTV, in 2017. It stars Yoshitaka Yuriko, Eikura Nana (watch N no Tame Ni), Oshima Yuko, Sakaguchi Kentaro, Suzuki Ryohei, Hiraoka Yuta, and others. It tells the story of three 30 year-old single women that spend a lot of time drinking and wondering “what if”. “What if I’d gone out with that guy ?” “What if we hadn’t broken up ?” “What if this one is the one ?”. It’s mostly about guys. Because 30 and not married, in Japan = not good, for a woman, apparently. One night, a young man gets angry at them for being “Tarareba onna”, or “What if women”, and it seems so really shake them.

After watching Kounodori, I was in the mood for more Puppy, aka Sakaguchi Kentaro.

Let’s call him Sakappy, shall we ? Yes, let’s.

So: I was in the mood for more Sakappy, and Tokyo Tarareba Musume happens to include a BLEACH HAIRED Sakappy !! *enthusiasm levels going up* Also, I’m slowly trying to watch the 2017 dramas I missed in the first half of the year, and I recalled Ara talking about this one. She’d seemed to enjoy it, so since she’s my Sakappy guru *bows* now, I decided to just go for it. Especially since I really like the rest of this cast, have a weakness for female friendships in fiction (and in real life too… friendship is magic people, and you know it’s true, because My Little Pony said so) and I thought Odagiri Joe was in this. Spoiler: he isn’t. But I still liked the drama. Mostly. I won’t lie: I did feel it got a little draggy at times, and I wasn’t 100% happy about the ending either. That said, there is something I 100% approve of in this ending: 1/ there’s a nice monologue about how there are as many ways to find happiness as there are different people in the world 2/ it leaves us on a shot of the REAL OTP of the show, the three friends (so One True Trio, really), Rinko, Kaori and Koyuki, who not only are the real strength and main interest of the show, but are only that when together. I don’t think they would work separately, neither as people or likeable characters. Continue reading “Tokyo Tarareba Musume – 東京タラレバ娘”

Kounodori – コウノドリ

800px-Kounodori-mainKounodori is a 10 episodes-long 2015 japanese drama, that aired on TBS and stars Ayano Gou as its lead. It’s based on a manga by Suzunoki Yu, and a second season is scheduled to air this year. Its title is a play on its lead character’s name, Kounotori, and also apparently means « Stork », in reference to the tale that babies are delivered by storks (cf Dumbo for ex). It follows a team of ob-gyn doctors and midwives working in the same hospital, and trying their hardest to deliver babies safely, while also protecting the mothers.

When Kounodori aired, although I like Ayano Gou a lot (and Oguri Shun too, but I didn’t know he was in it… and I also like Hoshino Gen now, but didn’t know who he was back then) I wasn’t feeling the poster (I’m shallow this way) and to be honest, the theme and synopsis didn’t really catch my interest either. Rather, I was worried, because I was afraid it would be very preachy, and tell us that family is magical, mothers always love their kid, and there’s this right way to deliver a baby, blah blah blah. But an online friend of mine (hello Ara, if you’re reading this) insisted I watch it, and since I trust her judgement very much, I did watch it, and, yep, really enjoyed it. And really enjoyed Ayagou’s Kounotori-sensei, too. He’s actually my favorite part of the show in a way, although not entirely because of him as a character. Continue reading “Kounodori – コウノドリ”

Nazo no tenkousei 謎の転校生

Nazo no tenkousei Nazo no tenkousei 謎の転校生 (international title: The Dimension Travellers, litteral title: Mysterious Transfer Student) is a 1998 movie, directed by Konaka Kazuya and written by Murai Sadauki, adapting a novel by Mayumura Taku. It’s also Tsumabuki Satoshis first movie, which is exactly why I watched it. I actually wanted to watch his first drama (Subarashii Hibi) but couldn’t find it, so his first movie (and first thing ever, apparently) would have to do. In it, he (poorly) plays Iwata Koichi, a high-school student who is friends with (and has an obvious-to-everyone-but-her crush on) his classmate, Kagawa Midori (Niyama Chiharu).

Midori is the real focus of the story here. She’s a dissatisfied young girl that grows more and more tired of the futility, hypocrisy and vacuity of her high-school life, and relationships. Then, a mysterious girl, Mayumi (Sato Yasue) gets transferred in her class and also moves in her building, a few floors below. Mayumi is a weird girl, and things only get weirder when she tells Midori she’s actually from another world, and traveled to this one with her mother, after her own faced destruction. Continue reading “Nazo no tenkousei 謎の転校生”