Nazo no tenkousei 謎の転校生

Nazo no tenkousei Nazo no tenkousei 謎の転校生 (international title: The Dimension Travellers, litteral title: Mysterious Transfer Student) is a 1998 movie, directed by Konaka Kazuya and written by Murai Sadauki, adapting a novel by Mayumura Taku. It’s also Tsumabuki Satoshis first movie, which is exactly why I watched it. I actually wanted to watch his first drama (Subarashii Hibi) but couldn’t find it, so his first movie (and first thing ever, apparently) would have to do. In it, he (poorly) plays Iwata Koichi, a high-school student who is friends with (and has an obvious-to-everyone-but-her crush on) his classmate, Kagawa Midori (Niyama Chiharu).

Midori is the real focus of the story here. She’s a dissatisfied young girl that grows more and more tired of the futility, hypocrisy and vacuity of her high-school life, and relationships. Then, a mysterious girl, Mayumi (Sato Yasue) gets transferred in her class and also moves in her building, a few floors below. Mayumi is a weird girl, and things only get weirder when she tells Midori she’s actually from another world, and traveled to this one with her mother, after her own faced destruction. Continue reading “Nazo no tenkousei 謎の転校生”