35 sai no koukousei – 35歳の高校生

35 sai no koukousei is an 11 episodes Japanese drama that aired in 2013 on NTV. It was written by Yamaura Masahiro and Takahashi Yuya, and was directed by Sakuma Noriyoshi, Gaumon Seiichi and Maki Nishino. It stars Yonekura Ryoko, Mizobata Junpei, Katase Nana, Suda Masaki, Yamazaki Kento, and a lot of people really. Just go on the dramawiki page, you lazy bum è.é

The situation in Japanese schools is getting more and more out of hand. Bullying is rampant, many teachers and kids resort to suicide because of the pressure, etc. In the midst of all that, a new student enters the school the drama focuses on. Her particularity ? She’s 35 years old. And apparently on a mission. Maybe. You’ll have to watch the drama to know. It’s not even in the review. I’m not gonna kill the suspense for you. Because I like you.


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